Gelbing Datensysteme

Type of industry
Information Technology

Gelbing Data Systems GmbH in Korb – near Stuttgart, Germany – has been running a computer center for payroll for over 40 years. Their computations are based on the BPO payroll model, and the entire business process is outsourced to the Gelbing data center. Gelbing serves a variety of professions including doctors, trades (roofers, carpenters, painters, etc.), construction, landscaping and gardening, air conditioning, metal crafts, plastics processing, electrical, metals, manufacturing, publishing, and many more.


A client/server solution developed in-house with 4D controls the entire payroll calculation, from imports of transactional data to evaluation, with delivery via e-mail and transmission of data to the tax authority, social security center and social insurance funds.The solution, which runs under Windows, is quick and efficient to maintain and can be quickly adapted to changes in the law.